youth empowered with the helper spirit reach out and care. YEWTHS ROC. Youth outreach non-profit organization in Bozeman montana
 Youth build wheelchairs in public schools as part of an educational curriculum being taught by roc wheels co-founder Lee Hanson 

YEWTHS ROC is part of ROC Wheels, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides wheelchairs and other mobility devices to people with disabilities in developing countries.

The YEWTHS ROC program is designed to empower youth to reach out and care for others, both in their daily lives and in other parts of the world.

 non-profit volunteer youth helps child in wheelchair and comforts the child as the wheelchair is being properly fitted to suit the child's specific needs

The YEWTHS ROC program incorporates a variety of lessons and activities that teachers may choose from to meet student interest, curriculum requirements, and/or time constraints. A minimum of three components is required. These include: introduction, social entrepreneurship action project, and celebration closure. It can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly as needed to accommodate teacher schedules.

Key Characteristics of the YEWTHS ROC Program

  • Youth Empowerment
  • Intercultural Awareness
  • “Diversability” Awareness
  • Local and International Service Learning
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Life Skills through Creative Arts and Technology
  • Civic Engagement


YEWTHS ROC is a division of ROC wheels and is dedicated to empowering youth to reach out and care for others worldwide. Our mission is to empower youth by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to positively impact others in the world.

YEWTHS ROC is a program of Reach Out and Care Wheels (ROC Wheels), is based in Bozeman, Montana, and is a 501 (c)(3) faith-based non-profit.

Never before has such a need existed for youth to be mentored an encouraged to see how valuable they are- just the way they are. They need to be taught that their lives are valuable and meaningful and that they can care for others by using the skills they have. Today’s youth are leaders and they need help not only understanding this, but also looking beyond themselves and into the lives and needs of others.

YEWTHS ROC is a program that teaches philanthropy though a standards-aligned curriculum which serves to educate our students about culture, disabilities, and what they themselves can do to reach out and care for others, from right where they are. It allows youth to experience the specific steps involved in providing mobility devices to children with disabilities in developing countries. What can one young person do to address huge world issues like hunger, poverty, clean water, or mobility? YEWTHS ROC program answers that question by breaking it down into manageable steps: identify a need, make a plan, and take action.

YEWTHS ROC Program Goals

  1.  To empower youth to Reach Out and Care for others in their school, their community and the world.
  2. To empower youth by learning the process involved in impacting lives worldwide with the tools and knowledge needed to do it.
  3. To empower youth by learning what other people their age are doing to make a difference in their world.
  4. To broaden student’s perspectives of the world by learning about a chosen country, its culture and people.
  5. To increase student’s knowledge of specific disabilities and facilitate an understanding of the different strengths, abilities and needs we all posses.
  6. To empower individuals with disabilities.
  7. To personally connect youth with other youth in another part of their world.
  8. To empower youth to directly impact the lives of others by purchasing specially designed pediatric wheelchairs (ROC chairs) through creative fundraising efforts.
  9. To give youth the opportunity to participate in the planning and manufacturing of a wheelchair or other adaptive pieces of equipment.
  10. To celebrate the unique gifts of each person participating in the program and challenge them to continue to ROC after the program is completed.

YEWTHS ROC Program Design

ROC Wheels and YEWTHS ROC has been designed to make an impact at both the local community and the global levels. YEWTHS ROC exists to empower students to reach out and care for others, starting at the local level.

Every year, ROC Wheels’ team of staff and volunteer physical and occupational therapists travel to several different developing nations to serve children affected by disabilities and their families. We do not just give a generic wheelchair to a person affected by disabilities, but we provide them with the right custom-fit wheelchair

Each YEWTHS ROC program offers a series of 7 lessons with choices of activities within each lesson. Lessons include: Program introduction, Cultural Knowledge, Disability Awareness, Personal Connection, Manufacturing, Fundraising, and Celebration. A minimum of 3 lessons is required for the program to be effective (Introduction, one project and Closure.)