An estimated 6.5 million children in less-resourced countries
need an adaptive wheelchair for mobility.

How does ROC Wheels help?


Equipping People Locally
We begin by helping equip people here at home to reach out and care through our therapeutic, youth, and community programs

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Wheelchair Provision
ROC Wheels designs, develops, and individually fits each wheelchair so that these children can reach their highest potential. 


Reaching Out to the World Through
Wheelchair Distribution
We help empower wheelchair recipients and their families and partner with each community to help them become more sustainable in providing continuous care for people with disabilities. 

Global Impact

This isn’t a little thing that they have done. We’ve talked about how they have changed a life forever. I think that you can see that in their eyes. I think that they sit a little taller when they think about what they have done.
— Lynn Foust (5th grade teacher)
I think this is an awesome program! I’m really excited that I was able to donate my time and energy to help someone less fortunate. I think there should be more programs just like this one. If you can help another person you can better their lives.
— Student
This has just been an amazing opportunity. Once you fit a wheelchair to a certain person, you realize… wow, I just totally changed this child’s life. There is no way to explain the joy!
— Anna, Student and Trip Participant

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