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The ROC Wall

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget”

Joy and enthusiasm filled the room with activity as the men used their skills to build a unique wall. Using a model designed
by ROC volunteer Paul, residents from Gallatin County Re-entry Program built a sixteen-foot-long partition, with four by eight hinged sections, allowing the wall to collapse like an accordion.

The morning began with five men who didn’t know how or if they could work with each other. When the task began Paul
showed the model and how the partition needed to be built so it could divide the space into two designated work areas.

You could see the wheels turning while the older men were teaching the younger ones how to use the tools that would lead to success. The youngest team member discovered a time-saving process that he shared with the others.

As the morning went on, the personalities began to emerge and cohesive teams soon formed. The men brought unique skills and abilities that allowed the wall to be built in just three hours. Start to finish the work was of the highest quality. They were proud of their completed work project.

The enthusiasm that developed by working as a team was valuable and caused the men to ask if they return. As they said,
“this is not just community service, it is a chance to do good for others”.

Kathryn Piller