Educator Comments:

“It was an amazing outreach project for my students, giving them opportunity to invest themselves in a learning and creative experience that reached beyond their own world into the world of others in need. Very effective!”
Pam Dolan, Belgrade High School art department

“I think ROC Wheel has impacted our students so amazingly, increasing their knowledge of the world and how different cultures live and some of the needs that are out there in our world. Being able to affect the world from Bozeman, Montana has been a big deal. As a child you can make a difference in someone’s life. It is so valuable to see what our children and other children can do.”
Tawny Advincula (5th grade teacher)

“This isn’t a little thing that they have done. We’ve talked about how they have changed a life forever. I think that you can see that in their eyes. I think that they sit a little taller when they think about what they have done.”
Lynn Foust( 5th grade teacher)

“The YEWTHS ROC program has probably been one of the most valuable experiences that I have had the children at Emily Dickinson participate in. It has impacted them in their daily lives, and I feel quite certain that it will continue to impact them throughout their lives. Having the opportunity to see through film the children getting their wheelchairs was probably the most meaningful thing that will happen in some of these children’s lives. In the world that we are in where altruism and empathy are very important for how the world will be over the next century, I think that having these young children learn this lesson at an early age is perhaps the best lesson they can learn in school. I certainly would encourage all schools to get involved in this. I can’t think of a better program that should spread through all the schools in Bozeman and Montana and perhaps throughout the United States and worldwide because it is a program with far reaching impact for the children and for other people in the world. When we can actually have that connection for our children, it’s a phenomenal event to have happen in an elementary school. ”
Principal Robbye Hamburgh

“We have a student in our classroom, Jacob, who is in a wheelchair and I do believe after seeing the video that you showed the class about Kenya and its children there, they looked at Jacob with different eyes.”
Linda Wolfe (Jacob’s 5th grade teacher)

Student Comments:

“I feel like we made a difference in peoples lives and it’s a great feeling.”

“I learned that I can be a part of something BIG!”

“It’s a really great feeling knowing that you are helping someone around the world. If other people get into this it would help so much more. It really makes you feel good that you are doing this and that your classmates are excited about it because you know that not only you but everybody else around you is doing something really good to help other people.”
Erik Eng (5th grade student)

“I love helping and taking part! It makes me feel good, like I’m part of something.”“If I put the effort to make something for something important like those less fortunate than myself, it is more than I could have imagined.”

“Life is good for me, and I need to be more appreciative!”

“I think this is an awesome program! I’m really excited that I was able to donate my time and energy to help someone less fortunate. I think there should be more programs just like this one. If you can help another person you can better their lives.”

Jamaica Wheelchair Distribution: Youth Comments

“This has just been an amazing opportunity. Once you fit a wheelchair to a certain person, you realize… wow, I just totally changed this child’s life. There is no way to explain the joy!” – Anna

“I loved this trip so many exciting things happened, the laughing and the smiling of the children fills your heart with joy.” – Janice

“This trip has changed my view of life completely!! I have seen things that have changed and touched my heart in many many ways. I developed amazing relationships with the kids and it’s just a great thing to be a part of!!” – River