Mexico Spring Break Expedition March 15-25, 2019

As part of the YEWTHS ROC program capstone, youth are invited to experience the fruits of their labor by participating in an expedition to distribute the wheelchairs they have sponsored and built.

Who Can Go? Students in grade 8 - college level are welcome to apply. A limited number of spaces are available.
Where Are We Going? Casa de Esperanza (House of Hope) in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico.
How Much Does it Cost? Estimated cost is $1300 (includes transportation, food, lodging, and activities). Spending money is additional. Participants are responsible for raising their own financial support for the trip.
How Do I Apply? Fill out the required form below and send in the additional required information (outlined below) to ROC Wheels, P.O. Box 11765, Bozeman, MT 59719.  There is limited space so get your application in early.

Checklist for Application: 18+ Years and Older

Required Items:

  • Adult Volunteer Application Form (See Below): Due no later than November 1st

  • Essay or resume with required elements (Email to or Mail to ROC Wheels P.O. Box): Due November 1st

    • Please include the following information in your essay or resume:

      • Name and age

      • Your strengths and weaknesses

      • Work experience

      • Volunteer and extracurricular activities

      • Volunteer history with ROC Wheels

      • Your reasons for applying to be a ROC Youth Volunteer

      • What you hope to offer the ROC Team and the children affected by disabilities and their families (ex. your talents/gifts/traits/etc.)

  • Pastor, Employer or Academic Mentor Letter of Recommendation (Email to or Mail to ROC Wheels P.O. Box): Due November 1st.

    • Please inform the professional writing the recommendation that they are writing a letter of recommendation for the purpose of applying for the ROC Wheels Mexico Spring Break Expedition. Provide them ROC Wheels email address or mailing address so that the letters can be sent directly to ROC Wheels.

Trip Fees: All checks should be made out to ROC Wheels Inc.

  • $10 Application Fee- Please send with other application materials to ROC Wheels P.O. Box

  • $500 Deposit Due by Nov 30th (Team notification by November 5th) - Mail to ROC Wheels P.O. Box 11765, Bozeman, MT 59719

  • Balance of Funds ($800.00) due by February 26th- Mail to ROC Wheels P.O. Box 11765, Bozeman, MT 59719

Other Requirements Due After Application Approval:

  • Obtain Passport- Email scanned copy of passport to info@rocwheels by February 15th

    • Note: If you don't have a passport, you should apply for one no later than December 5th.

  • Fill out the Personal Covenant and Liability Release Form by clicking Here (Mail to ROC Wheels P.O. Box) - Due February 15th

  • Fill out an application for a Background check by clicking Here - Due February 15th

  • Obtain Vaccinations- Contact the County Health nurse for current vaccination requirements

If you are younger that 18, do NOT fill out this form.
Please fill out the
Youth Application

Adult Volunteer Application Form

In addition to filling out this form, you will need to also send in the required information outline above (ie. Essay, Letter of Recommendation, Application Fee). If you have any questions regarding the form please email us at

Personal Information
Date of Application
Date of Application
Name *
Please include your full legal name as it appears on your passport
Home Address *
Home Address
Personal Phone *
Personal Phone
Best Method of Contact *
Please provide your passport number or if you do not currently have one, enter the number 0. Keep in mind that you should apply for a passport by December 5th.
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Gender *
Medical Information
Emergency Contact
Name of Emergency Contact *
Name of Emergency Contact
Phone of Emergency Contact *
Phone of Emergency Contact
Please give the following information for the individual that will be writing your letters of recommendation. For more information, see above.
Name of Pastor, Employer or Academic Advisor *
Name of Pastor, Employer or Academic Advisor
Address of Church, Employer or School *
Address of Church, Employer or School
Phone Number for Pastor, Employer or Academic Advisor *
Phone Number for Pastor, Employer or Academic Advisor
Electronic Signature *
Electronic Signature
By confirming your name here, you are confirming that the above information is correct to the best of your knowledge. Any changes to the information above should be notified to ROC Wheels Inc.
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