Spring 2020

As an integral part of the ROC Warriors program, the participants will be involved with a distribution to Nepal in the spring of 2020. The ROC Warriors will be building and delivering wheelchairs. The goal is to help the veterans heal by giving them the opportunity to share the joy the children and families experience as they receive the gift of mobility. After completing this distribution, the Warriors will embark on a multi-day expedition in the Himalayas as a celebration of their achievements.


West Bank

May 2020

ROC Wheels is partnering both locally and internationally for an upcoming distribution to the West Bank, scheduled for May 2020. Wheelchair Angels, out of Helena, MT, will provide 70-75 wheelchairs from their storehouse and ROC Wheels will provide 25 ROCKIT Chairs. Our in-country partner, Lifegate Rehabilitation has identified and diagnosed each wheelchair recipient.

Our Lifegate contact, Richard Stepan, is a long-time friend and has joined ROC Wheels on a number of previous wheelchair distributions. We will be based out of Bethlehem Gardens, a beautiful facility near Bethlehem.



March 2020

During spring break of each year, the YOUTH ROC program takes young people on a wheelchair distribution to Mexico. These youths not only change the lives of the kids they encounter, but they come home with a broader worldview and a new disposition. All the smiles exchanged, hard work put forth, and embraces shared leave those involved with happier and more motivated hearts.