We have an incredible and motivated team here at ROC Wheels in Bozeman, MT. On a daily basis we strive to grow and continue our mission of providing mobility to children around the globe. Each of our team members have come from across the globe to use their strengths and abilities to help us move forward and continue for years to come. 

Founders: Wayne and Lee Ann Hanson

Wayne and Lee Hanson

This website is filled with pictures of lots of people; people who build wheelchairs, people who prepare the way and children receiving the gift of mobility. The pictures of wheelchair recipients receiving mobility and hope from young people here at home say more than words can. We have a great opportunity when we fit a child into his/her new wheelchair. We can share our love, and help them achieve their best potential. While we may only spend a few hours with each child, we want to leave something behind that lasts a lifetime. The gift of mobility invigorates both the child and the whole family. This also equips people, in-country to build their own wheelchairs and trains professional caregivers to provide continuing care. As a Christian, faith-based organization we understand that our ultimate goal is to illustrate where our strength comes from. The boundaries between people who are served and the people who serve them begins to disappear when we reach out to each other. We are excited to share this great opportunity with people all over the world and welcome you to our website. Please feel free to let us know you are here by filling out a contact form and we would love to get you involved in making a difference in our world.

Wayne and Lee Hanson

Board Members Advisory Committee

Wayne Hanson—Chairman Gregor Horacek

Lee Hanson Cathy Mullholland

Art Koenes Mark Richard

Nick Palmer Richard Stepan

Richard Kerin William Werling

ROC Wheels Staff

april kreis

April Kreis: Bookkeeper
April is the backbone of ROC's operation. Although her primary position is to keep our books orderly and organized, she is also critical in making sure everyday tasks get completed.


Fred and Kari Haas: Production Managers
Fred currently manages the ROCKIT Chair production and assembly which will be the main chair that ROC Wheels distributes. Additionally, both Fred and Kari provide invaluable support and leadership for YEWTHS ROC.


Kimberly Hartman: YEWTH ROC Program Director

Kimberly Hartman has been involved with ROC Wheels since 2007 when her son received his first wheelchair.  As a member of the staff since 2018, Kimberly shares her passion for empowering kids locally to impact their global community through our Youth ROC program.

Previously, Kimberly taught undergraduate and graduate courses for the Department of Health and Human Development at Montana State University and ran a private financial planning practice focused on helping families through transitions.  At Youth ROC, she applies this