Letter from the Founders

We have just completed the design and development of the new ROCKIT Wheelchair. The ROCKIT is a highly adaptive wheelchair that serves children with even the most severe disability. We need help in raising funds to purchase the tooling needed to distribute ROCKIT Chairs world-wide. 

People in less resourced countries will be able to get a fully assembled ROCKIT Chair or a ROC Kit which includes all of the parts and pieces for the ROCKIT Chair. The ROC Kit includes the information and instructions people need to build their own wheelchairs. Essential tools, instructions, and an educational curriculum are provided to help them give continuing care for the child and family and help put people to work in their community.

Over 5,000,000 children with severe disabilities in less resourced countries need the ROCKIT Chair. Children with disabilities are often hidden, helpless, and out of sight. These children either have no wheelchair or are in a basic wheelchair that does not offer the critical support and comfort they need.

A similar wheelchair to the ROCKIT would cost $4000 - $5000 in the US. Once we purchase the necessary equipment and tooling we will be able to make ROCKIT Chairs for less than $200. The ROCKIT Chair has been recognized as a world class solution for these children by numerous organizations who would like to distribute it to the countries they serve.  There has also been a great interest in building ROCKIT Chairs at a number of prisons in the US.

The ROCKIT Chair has taken two years and thousands of man hours to complete. Rigorous testing has been done and numerous people have provided valuable support, including engineering interns, volunteers, students, and service organizations. These people have gained valuable skills, insight on disability awareness, and have been mentored by highly qualified professionals.   Currently, inmates at South Dakota Department of Corrections are building the ROCKIT Chair. They learn new skills and have an opportunity to make a big difference in children’s lives. Inmates build ROC Kits which are assembled by children and young adults in the YEWTHS ROC program. The YEWTHS ROC program is designed to empower youth to reach out and care for others, both in their daily lives and in other parts of the world. Building ROCKIT Chairs is a key part of the YEWTHS ROC curriculum.

We hope you will be able to work together with us to support this project. We would not be here without your personal and financial support. We have included some links which illustrate more about the ROCKIT Chair,  who we serve, and how we can accomplish great things through the ‘Power of Partnering’. 

Thanks for your support.


Wayne and Lee Ann Hanson
Reach Out and Care (ROC Wheels)