This is how we found Jesús. Because of your generous support, the ROC Wheels team went to  Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico in March 2016 to distribute wheelchairs. We were not fully prepared for one little boy's impact on our team. When we first met Jesús, he was using an ancient wheelchair that could not support his deformed, rail thin body. Instead, the wheelchair caused many painful open wounds making it impossible for Jesús to find a comfortable position. His impoverished single mother was desperately trying to take care of five children and unable to address Jesús' special needs. That's when you stepped in.


Thanks to your gifts, Jesús received a new ROC wheelchair right then and there. Despite being hungry, deformed and in constant pain, Jesús had a smile that came easy and touched our hearts. Over several hours, we did our best to adapt a chair to fit his body with the materials on hand. We utilized the skills of our YEWTHS ROC team, as well as our local partners from Casa de Esperenza and DIF. When he left us that day to travel back to his home, he was much more comfortable; yet we felt we could do better.



A week later we visited Jesús in his family's home: a one room cinder block without running water. Our team showed Jesús' mother how to adjust the new wheelchair and take care of his wounds. Jesús told us he was hungry. When we asked him what he wanted, he lit up: Chocolate and going for a walk! It was you who made it possible for us to fulfill his small wish and share a moment of joy going for a walk with Jesús in his new wheelchair. Too soon our time in Mexico came to an end and we sadly left Jesús, uncertain whether he would survive his poor health and living conditions.


Back in the states, Jesús was impossible to forget. We knew we needed to do more. After consulting with one of our seating specialist colleagues, Richard Pasillas in California, he was so deeply affected by Jesús' story that he immediately volunteered his help. With time and ingenuity, Richard developed a low-cost seating system to more effectively address Jesús’s complex needs. Together, you, Richard and our friends at Casa de Esperenza, Koenes Ministries, and DIF, ensured Jesús’ new seat made it to Mexico, and was placed on the frame of his ROC chair.  


Just a few months later, he had not only gained weight, but hope. You healed his wounds and relieved his constant pain. And because of this one little boy, we now have a prototype of a seating system that will help countless other children with severe deformities.