A New Home for ROC Wheels (ROC Center)

We feel it is time to establish a new home, (the ROC Center) for ROC Wheels here in the Gallatin Valley. The ROC Center will be the location of the YEWTHS ROC headquarters, ROCKIT Product Development and Manufacturing (ROCKIT Shop) and the ‘ROC Idea Center’. The facility will be handicap accessible.    

The Idea Center will be a place where people can work together to develop ways to serve people with disabilities and bring ideas to life through product development. 

The ROCKIT Shop will be a place where people can learn manufacturing processes, develop new products and build ROCKIT Wheelchairs to serve the expanded need. Currently, inmates at South Dakota State Penitentiary manufacture completed ROCKIT Chairs and ROCKIT Kits for YEWTHS ROC. The inmates have made a heart-felt commitment to build the jigs and fixtures for the ROCKIT Project at only the cost of materials.

ROC Wheels will be partnering with the Gallatin Valley Re-entry Program in the first ROCKIT Pilot Project. Participants will be able to fulfill their community service requirements, by assembling ROCKIT Chairs. This will be a 20 hour per week program. This project will be a beneficial way to illustrate the therapeutic benefits of working with their hands and joining a team to work out solutions, guided by our Christian values. The ROCKIT Shop will be open the rest of the week for youth, college interns and volunteers. 

We are inspired by the way that youth, interns, volunteers and inmates can take the initiative to reach out and help others. 

To-date, we have not found the perfect location to call home. We have received seed money to help equip ROCKIT Manufacturing and to support the lease payments. We are praying for God’s provision and timing in this matter. 

Thank You for your support. We wouldn’t be here without you.