The August ROCKIT Workshop Story

By: Kathryn Piller

Wow, We Did It!

The big moment the team had been working to achieve occurred when the final three sections of the wheelchair were completed on Saturday a few weeks ago.  During previous weeks, the team put together the individual subassemblies of the wheelchair. 

Anticipation was high as the team knew that today the results of their previous efforts would culminate in a completed wheelchair.  Mike, Dan, Scott, and Cole worked vigorously to place all the components into the right places.  The team searched for and found all the matching materials needed for the project.  Some disassembly was required but as with most challenges in life, the team discussed the options, then made a decision and moved forward to a successful solution. 


Scott and mentor Paul made final adjustments to the axles and installed the wheels.   Mike put the completed chair through all the appropriate adjustments and the designed positions. Smiles resonated on team members faces!  Mike was heard saying “Wow, we did it, and everything works!!” The men told the photographer, Kathryn, they were happy to know their work would make a child happy and that their achievements were appreciated.

The completed chair is an outstanding example of the valued partnership the Re-Entry team provides to ROC Wheels.  Gallatin Valley Re-Entry Team Reaches Milestones.