The September ROCKIT Workshop Update

When is a 4 x 4 not a 4 x 4?

This summer the Gallatin Valley Re-Entry team members took on the project of building a workbench for the new shop.  The goal was to build a bench strong enough to support a tool board and a large vise. 

The build began with the construction of corner legs using 4 x 4s.  This required multiple cuts in the wood such that the front and side 2 x 6s would be flush all around the top surface and bottom shelf.  Jacob and Dan cut one set of legs while Cole cut the other set.  A lot of fine cutting was required to for the boards to fit in the recess.

As the final leg was being cut, an emotional cry was shouted “I cut the wrong side!!!!”, and indeed, an incorrect cut was made that rendered the fourth leg unusable.  “Now what do we do??”  One thing that the members never allowed was panic to set in, it was never even considered.  Options, have always been and always will be considered by the Re Entry team. 

Discussions immediately ensued and it was decided that the team would “make” a 4 x 4.  The team made a “sandwich” of thicknesses to comprise the new leg.  Leading the way, Dan, helped to guide the way and soon the 4th leg emerged as strong and as sold as the other three legs.  The framing continued and the base was completed.  Comments such as “wow, that is neat”, “that will hold a ton of weight”, all the way too “now I know how to make a bench for my shop” were all echoed by the team. 

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