Uganda Wheelchair Distribution

Bamugulira - Uganda.jpg

In October, 2018, ROC Wheels partnered with the Uganda Orphans Fund to deliver 207 wheelchairs to children and adults in Uganda. The ROC Team worked side-by-side with nine local physiotherapists, to customize each wheelchair and provide therapeutic support for each wheelchair recipient. The ROC Team left behind a number of wheelchairs and 2 tool kits to equip workshops locally. It is inspiring to see how the Uganda trip has become a living project. Those that learned from the ROC Team were able to extend that knowledge to other members of the community. Byonanebye Isaac, one of the local physiotherapists took the lead. Isaac has kept the vitality of this project going by developing individual treatment goals for each child he worked with. He fits and delivers new wheelchairs and teaches mothers of disabled children to construct standing frames and parallel bars from local materials that aid the mobility of their children. We are so excited to see how the local community has continued to care for their neighbors with disability.