YOUTH ROC Wheelchair Distribution

For the last 11 years, Youth ROC has partnered with Koenes Ministries to complete a wheelchair distribution in Mexico. This year, a team including 14 youth traveled to Mexico for spring break to distribute wheelchairs over five days in four different locations: Guaymas, Los Mochis, Angostura, and Guasave. The team partnered with a physical therapist to fit children to 111 wheelchairs, the most that has been completed on our Mexico distributions. This efficiency was made possible through incredible team work. Team members worked together seamlessly, capitalizing on each member’s strengths, and were willing to work outside their comfort zone to accomplish necessary tasks. Our Youth ROC distribution provides adolescents the opportunity to build skills, solve problems in real time and work collaboratively with a team. Our next Youth ROC distribution is scheduled for spring break of 2020.