Reach Out and Care: Josh's Dance

Here at ROC Wheels we are starting a new segment of our blog and social media where we share an inspiring story about someone in our community. In the weeks to come, we hope that these posts will inspire you to ROC the world and make a difference.

Today's story is about Josh from Jackson, Wyoming, who was diagnosed with a staph infection about three years ago. Although he believed it would not slow him down, complications led to him losing most of his toes and eventually both of his legs. He has had an uphill battle and has had to endure countless struggles. Josh is our inspiring person of the week because he did not let these struggles define who he was and recently he just got to share his first dance with his mother, Judy (see video). 

Josh offered the following words:

The last 3 years held the biggest challenge of my life so far. I am just
lucky to share moments like this with my family and dear friends.
I am blessed to be here, to be able to live my life and to dance with my

Life really is good and blessed. Loving and living each day. Life truly is
a blessing. Thank the Lord, family, friends.
— Josh

Thank you Josh for inspiring us here at ROC Wheels and we wish you the best in the time to come.