The Need in Uganda

The Need in Uganda

Over 200 Children from the Kamuli District of Uganda  

This year more than 200 children in the Kamuli District of Uganda can’t go anywhere because they are in need of wheel chairs . ROC partnered with Uganda Orphans Fund to identify 205 kids who need chairs.  We are in the process of raising $100,000 to meet this need with chairs customized for the needs of each child. Please join us, and help provide the gift of mobility. 


 The Story of Winnie

One day I took a rather pothole-filled drive to Winnie’s house. It had recently rained, so we had to avoid getting stuck in ponds and rivers where the road was supposed to be. A local NGO had told me about Winnie. They knew her family was too poor to pay for transport, so the only way to measure her for a wheelchair was to go there myself.

Winnie was lying on a dirt floor in a mud hut with no electricity. When I approached, she politely greeted me. Although she could not sit up, she reached out a hand, and I grasped it warmly. Like many 17-year-old girls, Winnie was private. She asked that the male translator leave when I examined her for sores and deformities. Misshapen body parts definitely abounded: scoliosis, stiffened legs, a club foot. It would have been easy to be distracted by her suffering and miss her person-hood. But by God’s grace, I did not have that mindset. Instead I saw Winnie’s wide smile when I told her she was a good candidate for a wheelchair. I caught the infectious joy in her eyes after being given a first glimmer of hope.

 She knows, so much more than you or I do, that a wheelchair will forever change her life. No longer will she be confined to the filthy backroom. Instead, she will be able to explore the world for herself, witness the Ugandan sky turn a rosy orange at sunset, maybe even make new friends. In a country like Uganda that provides little help for people with disabilities, a wheelchair can mean everything. It can mean education. It can mean person-hood. It can mean freedom. “

~Cassia Wagner