Stories from the YEWTHS ROC Mexico Team

“I remember this one kid we worked on named Jesús. My partner and I got his sheet and I turned around for just a minute, and when I turned back around he was already in his wheelchair, ready to go, with a big smile on his face. I just looked at my partner, wondering what had happened. My partner just looked back at me, shrugged his shoulders and smiled. Jesús was just so full of joy. He did this thing, where he would reach out for your hands, and then he would pull you in for a hug. Towards the end of his fitting, he got really mischievous. He held out his hands, like he had for the hugs. This time, when I was about to pull away, he took a big long lick, all up the side of my face. He just kept cracking up. All we could do was laugh along with him. We all quickly discovered that these wheelchairs were not just a mode of transportation, they were a way to show God’s love through action, when language is a barrier.” ~Abigail Ross 

“Eliu is such a lively kid. I personally see a little bit of myself in him, in his smile, in his laughter, the way he was just so alive. To sit him in a chair was just absolutely incredible. You could tell he had so much joy and you could tell that he was going to be changed because of the chair. Not only was Eliu’s life changed, but his parents’ lives were changed as well. Now they could actually transport him around and get him to school. There was just a whole new world of possibilities for them. In the end, his world was changed, my heart was changed, and his parents’ lives were changed as well. “ ~Eric Bratke 

“After going to Mexico, I have learned to not judge a book by its cover. Every person has a story. Chavez had severe scoliosis. He kept having uncontrollable seizures so we prayed over him and started looking at the wheelchair. After that he slept for a while. The atmosphere of the distributions is loud. I thought it was a miracle that he could sleep while we worked on his chair. He was so severe, so I was encouraged that we could get the chair to work for him and that we could get him comfortable. He was a lot more peaceful after we were done.” ~Porter Baldwin

Mother of team member