A Therapeutic Workshop

The ROC Shop provides the facility, equipment, materials and expertise/supervision to support the activities of Youth ROC, ROC Innovators, ROC Warriors and other therapeutic workshops including Gallatin County Court Services and the Gallatin County Reentry Program.

Building a wheelchair in the ROC Shop is described as a Therapeutic Workshop because the experience provides an opportunity for emotional and spiritual healing through service to others. The sense of accomplishment that comes with completing the challenging task of assembling a wheelchair is amplified by the knowledge that the end product will make a significant improvement in the life of the recipient, as well as the lives of their family and their community.

Following is an excerpt from an article, written by a key ROC volunteer, who is describing contributions to ROC Wheels from residents of the Gallatin County Re-Entry Program that illustrate the potential benefit of participation: “Of significant note are the number of wheelchairs that residents completed. Initially the residents were probably unsure of the magnitude of their contribution to children all over the world. But the recent provisioning of wheel chairs to Uganda and Mexico along with the stories of the joy exhibited by those recipients has impacted several of the residents. Chas and Levi have become fully engaged in the ROC program including leading our end of work-period group prayers. They truly understand the reason for the source of our vision, strength, desires and goals: our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”