Our public school program is designed to meet public school district requirements and is aligned with curriculum standards.

Program Goals

1. To empower youth to Reach Out and Care for others in their school, their community and the world.

2. To empower youth by learning the process involved in impacting lives worldwide with the tools and knowledge needed to do it.

3. To empower youth by learning what other people their age are doing to make a difference in their world.

4. To broaden student’s perspectives of the world by learning about a chosen country, its culture and people.

5. To increase student’s knowledge of specific disabilities and facilitate an understanding of the different strengths, abilities and needs we all possess.

6. To reveal leadership qualities in all individuals.

7. To personally connect youth with other youth in another part of their world.

8. To empower youth to directly impact the lives of others by sponsoring and building specially designed pediatric wheelchairs (ROCKIT chairs) through creative entrepreneurial efforts.

9. To give youth the opportunity to participate in the planning and manufacturing of a wheelchair or other adaptive pieces of equipment.

10. To celebrate the unique gifts of each person participating in the program and challenge them to continue to ROC after the program is completed.

Program Design

ROC Wheels and Youth ROC has been designed to make an impact at both the local community and the global levels. Youth ROC exists to empower students to reach out and care for others, starting at the local level.


Every year, ROC Wheels’ team of staff and volunteers physical and occupational therapists travel to several different developing nations to serve children affected by disabilities and their families. We do not just give a generic wheelchair to a person affected by disabilities, instead we provide them with the right custom-fit wheelchair.

The Youth ROC program offers a series of 3-7 lessons with choices of activities within the Action Project portion.

Lessons include:
· Program introduction
· Action Project (topics include: Cultural Knowledge, Disability Awareness, Personal Connection, Manufacturing, Financial Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship)
· Celebration

A minimum of 3 lessons is required for the program to be effective (Introduction, one Action Project and Closure.)

ROC Doll Instructional Video

ROC Doll Instructional Video: Parts List